How to enjoy great sex in Marriage

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How to enjoy great sex in Marriage

Post by Queen » Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:10 pm

Sexuality refers to the feelings and responses that are connected with the human desire for sex. Sex is, no doubt, good for married couples. But it thrives best when both partners involved are in love. For this reason, husbands should focus on the stimulation of their wives’ hearts instead of relying on manual stimulation.

Openness is the key to the most beneficial type of sex that a couple can ever hope to have. And passionate sex is the quickest way to ensure the growth of a marriage.

Intimacy develops slowly and commitment takes shape gradually, while passion develops very fast.

Also, intimate sex between married couples often results in emotional safety. Consequently, when there is understanding in a marriage, both partners are eager to express their true sexual feelings.

Most people seem to define intimacy as a state in which a couple is having passionate sex. But the truth is it is much more than that.

Intimacy is an attitude. It is how you get along with your partner all the time. It has to be continuous in order for to be fulfilling. If you truly want to enjoy great sex, you should maintain closeness with your spouse even when you are away from home.

Here are few tips on how to achieve this.

In marriage, it is essential to be sensitive, considerate, respectful and affectionate towards your partner. There are many things that spouses can do to strengthen their relationship. In the first place, a mutual give-and-take attitude enables them to relax whenever they are alone together. Due to the stress, which the average Nigerian couples face every day, it is necessary to indulge in a lot of caresses in the privacy of your home.

Caressing has a really calming and soothing effect on a spouse that is stressed out after a hard day’s work. So, when you both are home, lie on your side with your legs bent so that you fit together like two spoons in a drawer. Once you are snuggled together, lie still and let go of tension.

Do not to talk too much or move around. Breathe heavily and rhythmically and listen to your partner’s breathing at the same time. Close your eyes and let your imagination travel down memory lane to the period when you were still dating and confessing undying love for one another. Avoid sexual intercourse. Such demonstration of affection is just meant to bring both of you closer than ever.

On weekends when both of you are not under pressure to go to work or attend social functions, it is best to lie in bed together and look into each other’s eyes. Don’t talk, but watch each other in silence.

At first, you may feel uneasy or shy, but never mind. At the level of the subconscious, this is a good exercise for couples who really wish to bond together.

There are other ways to perform such exercises. For example, husband, you can sit with your back against the wall of your room, or on a chair in the garden. Then let your wife rest her head on your chest and wrap her arms around you. Share this embrace for a few minutes. Close your eyes, listen to each other’s breathing, feel each other’s warmth, and feel your hearts beat together.

Wife, you can run your fingers up and down his back, while he strokes your shoulder, neck, face and hair. By this, you will be sending a message of intimacy, which is good in a marriage.

Husbands, note that when your wives rest their heads on your chest or shoulders and stroke your back, it does not necessarily mean that they desire sex. On the contrary, they just want to be close to you. They want to feel that you belong to them and to reassure themselves that such a rare moment is exclusively for them and no one else.

Active penetrative sex can take place as you amuse your wife.

Source Funmi Akingbade

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Re: How to enjoy great sex in Marriage

Post by Bro Kunle Emmanuel » Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:22 pm

Sexual erotic triggers

Funmi Akingbade

Couples do not know that almost every part of their bodies is an erotic trigger region. Many times, husbands come to me and bitterly complain that they are not enjoying the best of their wives sexually. A man will say because the woman is circumcised, pregnant, nursing a baby, undergoing menopause or fed up with the same old ways they have been making love, hence she is not fully involved anymore.

One thing is basic, there are high sexually sensitive areas and there are lower sexual sensitive areas but when couples concentrate only on the high sensitive areas, they tend to run out of techniques sooner than they wish, but when they interplay the high and low sexual zones intermittently, there is a possibility of newness and excitement at all times. Now, the most basic sexual trigger of most wives that many husbands play with are the breast and the clitoris, all because these organs are prominent and easily accessible. This is also because blood rushes to these areas especially when the woman is turned on, and also because the stimulation of the clitoris triggers the hood of her clitoris. The hood of the clitoris is the fold of skin that surrounds and protects the clitoral glans. Since it is less sensitive, many husbands ignore it but amazingly, this hood can handle both gentle squeezes that get her ready to be on heat without even touching the clitoris itself.

Essentially also, the pubic mound is a good place to add some variety to your thinking selection. Try this trick; take your fingertip into a firm point, and trail it around the mound. Since you usually focus on the top three quarters of her vaginal area, she’ll be surprised and aroused because beneath the arena you are trailing your fingers on is packed full of sensory nerves.

Also think of her clitoris like the head of your penis, her clitoris is jam-packed with millions of nerve endings, as is the tip of your penis. However, if the head of your penis can take a bit more pressure- the nerves are spread over a slightly larger area- her clitoris is more sensitive. This spot is filled with nerves, so it needs to be stimulated carefully. Tease the areas around it first, and then make your way to it, building up speed as you go. But finger with caution: if you spend too much time there or are too rough, too soon, she may become overstimulated, and that can be really painful for her. To keep that from happening, switch your tactics. Don’t stick with one for more than 10 seconds or so.

Think of the outer curve of her breast; it is just like your shaft; consider how it feels when she gently caresses your shaft at the beginning of foreplay. This makes you totally turned on, right? Same goes for her breasts: touch it lightly, avoiding the nipples, and you’ll build her anticipation, making her all move close up to you. Next, step up the pressure.

Like your shaft, there aren’t a ton of nerves in her breasts, so they can handle a firmer grip. A wife can also get frustrated when her man is too gentle with her. That said, you can definitely be firm. Do not be afraid to grab them in your palms and stroke them with passion. Think of her G-spot, imagine it to be just like your perineum. It’s the small, spongy area located about two inches up the front wall of her vagina that gives her one of those super-deep, intense orgasms. A husband’s perineum is the patch of skin between the anus and testicles; it has nerves that run straight to the prostate, which is known as the male G-spot. Treat her G-spot with these fingering moves, as you’re stroking her clitoris with one hand, reach down and insert one finger inside her vagina and keep the motion active.

One other less sensitive area but highly erotic arena is the mind but many couples are not aware of this. And the best way you can stimulate this area is to be friends with each other and learn from your previous mistakes. When couples take record in their mind of how they are progressing sexually, they are on the road to improved dynamic sex. Quite frankly, a lot of couples don’t associate sex with friendship; they associate it with some secondary need and desires as if sex is not one of the top requirements for a successful marriage. When it comes to good sexual harmony, this column is quite explicit about its role and its effect. Sex is very good within marriage and there is no permanent prescribed style, nowhere does this column say missionary position is the only sexual style. Rather, the truth of the matter is that not discussing sex in a relationship is a gateway to disintegration of the home and divorce.

A wife told me that her husband treats her as if she is his brother. She told me, ‘I am tired of getting sex fortnightly like a salary.’ Compared to majority of other wives, I think she was lucky to be getting sex fortnightly since majority of such other wives only get it occasionally on big days, days like when the husbands are either promoted at work, or got big contracts, or on public holidays, maybe on election days, or where there is a general curfew or national strikes. You may smile and think this cannot be, but it will interest you to know that I am presently handling a serious case where the last time the husband made love to his wife was March 18, 2013 and they are still living together for the fear of what people will say.

Many husbands leave their wives to seek sexual pleasures everywhere except from their matrimonial home. Many wives have acquired the position or title of ‘secondary frigidity’ because they became so by marriage and not by choice or any other way or reason. These wives even sleep fully dressed up as if they are going to resume work at a corporate office. If you are a married woman and you want to create a special bound between you and your husband, it is advisable to follow this recipe for good harmonious friendly sex; henceforth you should sleep naked and let your buttocks touch your husband and make sure you do that deliberately. This is because your buttock is another silent sex arena that though you are not aware of but mere touching your husband’s body with it will trigger him. Do you know why I insist on this? Today, you find quite a high number of men going out of their way to get a glimpse of how a vagina looks like, some frantically do this by paging through magazines and even go as far as visiting lingerie’s departments in stores to see what is hidden under panties, just because their wives hide their own vagina like an essential commodity. These men have long forgotten how a vagina looks like.

Marital sexual oneness is about being free with your body in front of your marriage spouse. A wife should parade naked and do some modelling or cat walking just to one more time ‘temp’ ‘seduce’ ‘lure’ ‘trap’ ‘entice’ ‘attract’ her husband. This may surprise you but there are many wives who do not know how their husbands’ penis looks like anymore. The only privilege opportunity they have is to only feel it when their men enter them or when they start thrusting in and out heavily. Some of these wives have even never touched it, let alone seen it because the lights are switched off before undressing. Their men only dish out orders and command to their wives on sex bed. These categories of wives are too timid to voice out their desire because according to custom, they are only to be seen and not heard on sex bed and they are only to fulfil the sexual needs of their husbands. Husbands, don’t you know that your penis is a wife’s eternal toy as long as the marriage exists and she is supposed to play with it at will, anytime, anywhere and always? Besides, beneath, around and on top of the penis are some hidden erotic arena that if the wife is taught how to manoeuvre with it with her tongue will send the husband crazy for daily sex. That is the reason why husbands should teach their timid wives all these hidden sensitive parts and as soon as these timid wives learn and become experts, I am sure husbands of such wives will experience regular erotic volcano sexual treat.

It is unaccepted myths for a spouse to indulge in constant complaint of tiredness at every given opportunity. This makes the data rate of couples who have been sexually starved for years to be on the increase. As much as God created sex for procreation, he also did it for pleasure, you can’t be married and never have a continuous good time on bed. Do not envy those having good sex; you can be one of ththem

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